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We are planning to supply Free GuestBook and None-free GuestBook Service. Currently we only supply Free GuestBook Service. To keep the best performance, we supply TEN free guestbooks at the beginning. The Terms and Conditions for Free GuestBook Service are as follows:

  • The size of each guestbook is limited to 200KB(may contains up to 400 messages)
  • The guestbook which doesn't have new message posted within TWO months will be suspended, the owner of the guestbook may request to download data after the guestbook suspended
  • The guestbook will be deleted after TWO monthes suspending, all guestbook data will not be recoverable

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Modify Existed GuestBook

To help user to integrate the guestbook into their own website, each GuestBook has its own customizable configurations. Adjustable configurations include:

  • Time zone adjustment
  • Messages per page
  • Icon display adjustment
  • Button & Style adjustment
  • email notice enable/disable
  • Sign-up dialog display
  • Header of guestbook(support HTML)
  • Footer of guestbook(support HTML)
  • Guestbook's name and description
  • Home page's name and url
  • Admin's password and email
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Technical Support
If you have any question while using our guestbook, you can look for Frequent Asked Questions, or you can leave a message to our support. Our technical support will contact as soon as possible.